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Electronics & Communication Engineering at Examcrazy.com

Ideal Diodes
Physical Operation of Diodes
DC Analysis of Diode Circuits
Small-Signal Diode Model and Its Application
Zener Diodes
Diode Rectifier Circuits (Half Cycle, Full Cycle, and Bridge)
Peak Rectifiers
Limiting and Clamping Diode Circuits. Voltage Doubler. Special Diode Types

Bipolar Junction Transistor- NPN
Bipolar Junction Transistor- PNP
DC Analysis of BJT Circuits
The BJT as a Signal Amplifier
BJT Small-Signal Equivalent Circuit Models
BJT Small-Signal Amplifier
Graphical Analysis of a BJT Small-Signal Amplifier
BJT Biasing - Current Mirror
Common Emitter Amplifier
Common Base Amplifier
Common Collector (Emitter Follower) Amplifier
BJT Internal Capacitances. High Frequency Circuit Model

MOSFET Circuit Symbols, iD-vDS Characteristics
MOSFET as an Amplifier. Small-Signal Equivalent Circuit Models
MOSFET Small-Signal Amplifier Examples
Biasing MOSFET Amplifiers, MOSFET Current Mirrors
Common Source Amplifier
Common Source Amplifier with Source Degeneration
CMOS Common Source Amplifier
MOSFET Common Gate Amplifier
CMOS Common Gate Amplifier

Overview Analog Wireless Communcation
Resistors, Capacitors, RC Networks
Diodes, Amplitute Modulation, Diode Detection
RL Circuits, Inductive Kicks, Diode Snubbers
RC filters. Series resonance and quality factor, Matching, Soldering Ladder filters Butterworth and Chebyshev filters Filter tables ADS
Bandpass ladder filters Quartz crystals
Impedance inverter
Ideal Transformers
Transformer shunt inductance
BJT-Large signal models
Transistor switches. Voltage regulators
Transistor switches. Voltage regulators
Common emitter amplifier. Max. efficiency of class A amps. Transformer coupled loads
Available power. Distortion. Emitter degeneration. Miller effect
Emitter follower and differential amplifiers
JFET Source follower amplifier
Oscillators. Clapp oscillator. VFO startup
Variable frequency oscillator. Gain limiting
Receiver incremental tuning. Crystal oscillators
Mixers. Gilbert cell
Superheterodyne receivers. Spurious responses of mixers
Decreasing channel bandwidth by using CW
Audio amplifiers
JFETs as variable resistors
Automatic gain control
Noise, SNR, MDS, noise power density and NEP
Nyquist noise formula. Cascading noisy components. Noise figure
Receiver intermodulation and dynamic range
Engineering Institutes in India
All Engineering Colleges in India
Directory of coaching Institutes
Government engg college rankings
Private engg college rankings
Admission notifications for Mtech/PhD

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